What will you find at VeCoach

VeCoach designs Significant Events to shape who you are and transform your life once and for all. We achieve this by organising group Retreats, solo Retreats and delivering the latest Online Coaching Programmes. Our secret relies on combining science and creative thinking to bring the best out of you.


Travel the world with a group of Thrill-Seekers! each trip is crafted to push your mental & physical limits. Choose which areas you want to focus on: Mindset, Health, Leadership or Relationships and find your growth- escape. Warning! only for those ready to accept THE CHALLENGE.

Online Coaching

Online Coaching combined with group sessions that will bring you clarity around your priorities in life. If you are a Freedom-Seeker looking forward to get out of your comfort zone, expand your identity and live a more successful and happier life, get in touch to have an initial session. Warning! only for brave people who THINK BIGGER!


ali self retreat

Travel inwards and connect deeply with who you are. This programme is for Solo-Seekers who want to spend time with themselves and organise their thoughts. We design a 1 Day Retreat JUST FOR YOU wherever you want. Warning! only for curious people ready to EMBRACE UNCERTAINTY.

Support & Community

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Nice to meet You!


Hey Freedom seeker! this is Veva, a creative soul with big passion for travelling, meeting new people and books.

I believe that we all have magic inside we just have to shake our mind, body and souls to sprinkle it!

We will work together to get in touch with the best in you and build a foundation for your new life based on WHAT YOU WANT.

I will guide you to discover WHO you are, in WHICH direction you want to go and WITH WHOM you want to keep traveling in the journey of life. All this, with a spark of fun, non-judgmentally and full of honesty.

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