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“Find people who empower you and let the power of togetherness flow”


When I was a little girl I wanted to be a ballerina. I was 12 when my academy told me I will not make it through as my body type was not up to the standards. I tell you this as a past referencet of what I now call “ the self-cult bull***t”. I spent my entire life looking for approval and recognition. Does this resonate with you?

I studied 5 years at university a career that did not make me happy because everyone around you, always with great intention and love, tells you what is best for your future. It was not until 2011, while doing my master’s degree in marketing and business, when I stood up on my feet. I started to think about me and what I truly wanted. I invested in my self-development and discovered coaching as a powerful tool to focus on what I wanted to do in life. I am an entrepreneur and a coach, driven by passion. I am an instrument to serve and help others to create the life they want. The ingredients of this compelling recipe for happiness are commitment, consistency, planning and little acts of courage.

I believe we all have a unique talent or gift that naturally is given to us at birth. I discovered mine not long ago by following my intuition. My purpose is to help others to find their inner strength, to have fun while growing even when things are not easy. We have to stop avoiding feelings and we need to start looking inside for that talent that will help you and thousands of people to become a better self. Our purpose should be to raise our inner awareness to have a positive impact on our people, our world and our lives.

During my journey of growth, I was overcoming an eating disorder and I learned a valuable lesson: everything I needed was inside of me. Love, inspiration, happiness, freedom, beauty and confidence were embedded in my DNA, my soul, my creative genius.

Nowadays, my vision is to build an inspiring community of freedom seekers who want to create their own belief systems, who desire to stand out from the crowd and leave behind modern conventionalisms. VeCoach is an empowering tribe, helping others to grow in every area of their lives. We combine coaching, travelling, fun, healthy lifestyle and creativity to come up with an ongoing process learning from ourselves and from others.

“Because life is not about getting things or about demonstrating things to others.It is about becoming the best person you´ve ever met. All comes to our true identity.”

About you

This is your moment!

Coaching is about you. I am an instrument to serve you, to help you to achieve your goals. I am pretty sure you will inspire me with your story of growth and intention. All you need is a little moment of inspiration and courage.


“Every big change starts with a small step”

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