About Us



Ve coach is a company focused primarily in your well-being.

Obviously, to reach that goal it is important to make you feel home around here and there must be no better way to start doing that than introducing ourselves:


Hey, I’m Veva!

I´m originally from Spain and living in London. Fitness has been something vital throughout my life and during my youth there was a lot of soul searching I had to do to figure out what to do in life. I quickly pinpointed what it was I wanted to give the world : to make people have fun.

Of course, during some time I hadn´t a clue how I could do that for a living.

It seemed somewhat futile. Luckily I was wrong and Ve-Coach was born.

To be a coach in fitness and wellbeing is something I love and by loving it I can be who I always wanted to but initially didn’t know. Making people have fun while we exercise is my perfect way of conveying that of what I want to share with the world.

I am Veva, a coach, a very happy one. A very witty coach with a super duper will to help you say yes to fun fitness!

Whether it be getting physically fitter, mindfully at ease or just having plain old childish fun we are here for you, because we certainly do not want you to end up like ol´Jack Torrance over there (All Work and No Play makes Jack a dull boy).



Robin to the Bat-woman

Hey guys, my name is Pedro, I´m Portuguese, and it is definitely a pleasure to be writing to you all!

As you may follow by the title, I am assisting our dear coach Veva in offering you the best service in town. I was very touched by what Veva had to say and what she wanted to put out there. I have an awful lot of fun doing sports and I´m the first to notice how it positively influences my life. I guess it shakes and stirs my mood in blissful ways!

Of course I am not half as qualified to be a coach, so I’ll leave that to Batwoman over there. However, I help how I can so don’t flinch away and feel free to hop onto our blog space where you will find fun moments of relaxation, news, events and much more.