“Nothing is   IMPOSSIBLE.  The word itself says


We are professionally FUN, creatively ACTIVE and intentionally MINDFUL. Our mission is to make the world a better place by proactively learning and applying coaching tools. Get ready to undo your ego, expand your identity and let go of resistance.

Veva, Founder of VeCoach.

Veva, Lifestyle Coach Entrepreneur

Audrey Hepburn, recognised as film and fashion icon, delighted us with these wise words:

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says

                       I’m possible”.

If you are wondering how the heck you ended up in this website, it is because you chose to live a better life. Coaching will give you the guidance and support you need and want to get through something you are currently experiencing.

Briefly, I will share with what coaching did for me when I was in a dark place and what it does on a daily basis.

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1. I had many problems and didn't know how to solve them

The first feeling was: ENOUGH! I couldn’t bury anymore under the rug all the feelings and thoughts. My bulimia wasn’t getting any better, my self-esteem was at its lowest, I felt like an imposter, faking my smile and wearing a heavy mask that will weigh TOO MUCH to keep it on at all time.

2. I was angry. Frustrated. I had ENOUGH !

Oh yes…anger it is part of the process. I was living a life that did not belong TO ME. I was disconnected in many areas of my life. I as OFF balance. From the outside I had it all and from the inside I felt something wasn’t quite RIGHT! I let myself off the hook I thought to myself: how would it be to live your live authentically Veva? no more pretending you are ok, no more pretending you are perfectly splendid NO MORE BULLS**T. You feel underestimated, underappreciated, you keep sabotaging your health, your relationships and you keep looking for validation and love OUT THERE.

3. Here it comes the FEAR and the RESISTANCE. Twin evil...

I wanted more for me, I know I could do better I just didn’t know how. As soon as I started looking for courses and coaching programmes the fear arouse: What about if my family finds out I am bulimic? what if my friends realise I am not that successful and confident? what about if… and infinite “what if” excuses. Now, I look back and I clearly see what was happening. Yet in that moment, I just felt like stopped in the middle of a junction and having no clue about which way was the one I had to take. I was Resisting the idea of showing my true colours. And think about it…it makes sense. Identity is our ‘comfort zone’. We are what we do, think and feel on a daily basis so as soon as the idea of changing, getting better, doing things differently arouse… fear and resistance did its work: TO PROTECT ME from the unfamiliar.

4. From ANGER to COURAGE. One decision away from feeling better...

I woke up. It took me a while to pass from ANGER to having the COURAGE to do something about it.It was thanks to Coaching that I decided to give myself the OPPORTUNITY to live in authenticity and stop controlling every single aspect of me to look STRONG to others. I was, in fact, more vulnerable than ever. Thanks to Coaching, I felt the power of vulnerability and its power to allow me, to connect with my TRUE SELF. I started asking questions rather than eagerly looking for the ‘right’ and ‘easier’ answer. GAME CHANGER.

5. I did the work. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

First, one book. Psycho cybernetics. Then, applying the knowledge so I could learn from experience. Then, a coaching programme through the Academy of coaching, then going to Retreats with Growth-U and then, you have my own Coach and Mentor, Rod Hairston. That is Coaching. We all start with little steps that wake us from the dream to encourage us to have the courage to create and pursue our dreams.  Coaching gives you the tools and the method to create the life you want. I still do the work. Every Single day. There is no magic pills, the magic is inside you.

“HERE you will learn how to harness your power and use the magic wand of coaching    to make things happen”.  


Ask me a question- be curious.

Thanks FreedomSeeker, curiosity is the cure for boredom. Shoot your question, tell me your story, inspire me!

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Claudia Chackelsol, VP Operations

I am Claudia: planner, dreamer, and recently declared #freedomseeker.

Since the first moment I met her, Veva showed me her passion to help people discover themselves and unleash their courage to take action. We are now walking side to side, and as a great team we complement each other and everyday is a journey of growth. 

I love operations, processes and the behind the scenes tasks. So, if you have ideas, suggestions or ways of making all our tools and experiences to reach further, I am your girl! 

The #freedomseeker community has a lot to offer to you, and you have your unique value to making it even more amazing… Therefore I can’t wait to meet you!


Ask me something- be curious

Thanks FreedomSeeker, curiosity is the cure for boredom. Shoot your question, tell me your story, inspire me!

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