The VE way

The VE way3 de January, 2018

A very Happy New Year to all our veoples. Day 1 of Jan 2018 I was restlessly going around my bed thinking what could be coming in the next 12 months: challenges, dramas, successes, happiness or sadness. I felt a nudge […]

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The VE way17 de April, 2017

Welcome to our Blogspace. I´m Pedro and be updating our Blog with blogposts (obviously) new and experiences. My take on this is make it interactive so please feel free to post a comment below! Don´t be shy: I even risk […]

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The VE way31 de January, 2017

Welcome everybody! We are very new at wordpress and we are working hard to get this site up and running as soon as possible . You are probably still wondering, who are these people? You are absolutely right! In due time you may […]

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