What does this mean?

Surfing the brain waves is a simplistic analogy to learn how to use the board to surf your emotions & thoughts instead of being carried away by the waves of bad habits and daily endeavors.

Our busy lives challenge all of us to pay attention to our mental & physical health. The video on the left represents beautifully how your thoughts and emotions work in your head. The idea of this retreat was born in one of my coaching sessions when for the 3rd time my client said: I want to learn how to control my emotions and thoughts.

The truth is you cannot control them. As you can’t control the waves. However you can learn how to surf the waves to better your life, discipline your imagination and free yourself from the powerful waves of habits of procrastination, overthinking and cravings.

5 Things you will experience in Croatia

Fitness & Mindset program

  • 30 minutes HIIT everyday. Energetic, challenging and orientated to results.
  • Box Fit. Cardio peak combined with strength training.
  • BodyBalance. Dials into your flexibility and challenges your core.
  • Circuits. Fun, creative and always different!
  • Ride the Bike. Connect with Nature in a different way.
  • Entry to Krka: the most beautiful Natural Park in Europe.
  • Standing paddle surf at sunset: ready to glow?
  • Rafting, kayaking and canoeing: a bit of risk to increase adrenaline levels.
  • City games & Beach: of course you will get to swim in the Adriatic sea and visit Split in a very ACTIVE way…
  • Daily Meals included: organic and natural.
  • Dinning out in Split (not included)
  • Macro calculation according to your body type included (only to raise your awareness about food, we promote intuitive eating so you will eat as much as you would like to!
  • Cooking competitions (is fun and is part of our health to eat as much organic and homemade food as possible)
  • All special requirements accepted.
  • The cycle of growth: what happens with motivation?
  • Thinking isn’t knowing
  • Internal self-awareness: tools that really works
  • External self-awareness: myths and truths
  • Daily meditation
  • Up to 10 people
  • Our DNA is Fun
  • Forget about your phone
  • No alcohol or parties
  • Evolution vs revolution

Meet the organizers

Genoveva de Sousa

Javier H.

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Winter: Mindfulness, recharge and grow

Each season has its own gifts but in winter we can miss out on the wonders of Nature. We follow the energy of the season and take the opportunity to work on our growth and raise our awareness. The element associated with is cool water.

Retreat will be in December!

The location is magical, do you want more info?

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Fall: Relationships

Autumn is the season of Metal, the consolidating element that symbolizes our natural tendency to pull things together as the weather chills.

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Spring: Career & new Challenges

Spring represents a new beginning.  Time to manifest your dreams. This season is all about renewal and celebration.

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Summer: Energy & Fun

In Feng Shui, Summer is associated to Energy and fire: the yang.

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