Free Your Emotions

Welcome your inner self

The main goal of these sessions is to raise your awareness about your emotions and feelings. Mindfulness is the tool that will allow you to connect with your inner self and have a better understanding of your core issues. Without awareness about what the problem is you are less likely to find a solution- no matter how great the effort.

During these sessions you will...

  • Identify specific core issues that are causing your problems.
  • Get to know yourself better and find long-lasting solutions.
  • Connect with people and their stories to inspire and get inspired.
  • Create a new habit of acceptance & self-expression.
  • Have fun and connect better with your emotions.

Live sessions

  • Connect weekly to our group sessions via Zoom (30-45 minutes duration)
  • Learn to identify your emotions by practising different exercises.  
  • We will play games with mood cards to make our sessions fun.
  • Recognise triggers and stressful situations.
  • This is not a workshop to solve your problems.
  • This is a workshop to better your life by raising your awareness about triggers, hidden prompts & inner self. 
  • How the environment and others are impacting us?

What are these sessions about?

  • The origin of our decisions: fear or freedom. 
  • Primary emotions are the body first response.
  • The most common ones are fear, happiness, sadness and anger.
  • Secondary emotions are much more complex.
  • They refer to feelings and thoughts about a primary emotion.
  • Allocating our emotions in our body.

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When are the sessions?

5 weekly calls (morning & evenings)

  • Monday to Wednesday at 7 am- mindfulness
  • Thursday at 19.15 pm- emotions
  • Saturday at 9 am- emotions

*This schedule can vary depending on the group needs & requests.




  • No card details required/ no contract
  • Drop-in sessions £5
  • Weekly all sessions included  £10
  • You have included Free Your Mind: mindfulness & meditation
  • Why? Free Your Emotions belong to Free Your Mind. We understand some people are struggling with overthinking & thoughts and others more with emotions. Both programmes are closely related, so you have FULL ACCESS to both. 

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