Free Your Mind

Live Mindfulness sessions

The main goal of these sessions is to raise your awareness about your thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness is the tool that will allow you to connect with your inner self as well as getting a better understanding of how your mind works.  

During these sessions you will...

  • Have a moment for yourself and learn tools to soothe your mind.
  • Get to know yourself better and raise your level of awareness.
  • Connect with people and their stories to inspire and get inspired.
  • Create a new habit of training your focus & disciplining your imagination.
  • Have fun and connect better with your emotions.

Enjoy 1 week for FREE

  • Connect via Zoom to our live classes and get in the habit of practising mindfulness- you will have to sign up to get the link.
  • Join today #FreeYourMind and enjoy 1 week on the house.
  • No card details required.
  • After a week you can pay as you go (£5) or get a weekly pass (£10)

  Benefits of mindfulness

  • Learn to handle your emotions.
  • Training your focus
  • Overcoming anxiety and stress
  • Get to know how your mind works
  • Get to know your self: intro to the enneagram
  • Boost your productivity & energy levels
  • Feel calmer

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