When everyone sees your beauty, BUT YOU.

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Look at you! you are gorgeous! they say...

This is an article about self-awareness: inner self-awareness (how we see ourselves) and outer self-awareness (how others see us). If you are fit, active, healthy and good looking but still struggle to see the ‘worth’ that others see in you, I know exactly how you feel: like this big image above!

Here I am. Choosing an outfit to go to the gym. Today, I have yoga and you will understand me when I say that the leggings for yoga are not the same as the one you will wear to do HIIT.  I have to make sure that I look sexy and classy at the same time:

-Omg! my butt looks huge with this leggings! 

I don’t get it. I woke up on fire in such a good mood and it took just a small decision to bring me down.

-What top shall I wear today? I don’t want to show my boobies while doing the shoulders stand… are they smaller?????

Well done Veva, all you see now is your ‘flaws’ and all of a sudden you also feel bloated!

So I managed to leave the house with my healthy smoothie. I get to the gym and my colleagues start complimenting me:

-Wow! nice yogi pants! you have such an amazing body…I wish I was like you, what have you done to get those abs?

How do I feel? Oh yes, I feel flattered. But nothing has changed. I feel like I still can do better and then, I will finally love myself.

This was my battle for years. I don’t want to extend this story much, this article is about focusing on solutions and boosting our confidence level. Why? because we are all going to age, to have saggy boobs, wrinkles and probably a bit of tummy. You can’t stop time: but you can learn how to live a purposeful and vibrant life. At least, this worked for me!

How did you do it Veva? It was a long process and the pay off, HUGE.

Briefly I am going to give you 3 tools to start your ‘loving myself process’:

  1. It all starts with raising your AWARENESS.
  2. You need to work on your FOCUS, SELF-TALK and PATTERNS.
  3. Your EGO is bigger than your LOVE.

So how do you feel right now?

I could write a book just out of the three key points. So I will keep it short and sweet. If you want to go into details, Book a Free Consultation below I will share with you some tools to start with.

1. Awareness

Self-awareness is, at its core, the ability to see ourselves clearly. When I was 25 yo my mum used to say to me: you have to focus on yourself and discover what you truly want. However to focus on ourselves will not necessarily give us the understanding of who we are. So, to begin start asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is your identity?
  • How do others see you?
  • What’s your role into this world?How do you Fit in?

These three questions are fundamental to start building the foundation of a happier and more successful life. If you don’t know the answers then you probably feel insecure and lost. Let me tell you somethings with great respect and love: until you don’t take full responsibility for what is happening in your life, you won’t be able to create the future you desire.


  1. Create a vision, set a direction.
  2. Get perspective: who are you now? The person you think you are it may not be the person you want to be must the person you have programmed to be. Read it again and think about it: have you recently checked your belief systems? Let me give you an example: when we are kids we firmly believe in Santa – if you grew up into this tradition- as we grow older we start being AWARE of signals that compromised Santa’s identity. The same with you life! just be a neutral observant and curious about who you are.
  3. Create your new identity: start setting goals and building new habits that will get you closer to your vision.
  4. Ask people you love to describe the way they see you- from love and respect- and respond to it versus reacting.
  5. Practice mindfulness daily: notice what are you thinking, feeling and doing without judgement. Once you are capable of

2. Focus, self-talk and habits.

My mentor says: what you focus on it grows; what you focus on you find;what you focus on seems real and ultimately YOU BECOME.

Do you focus on everything you are NOT doing? in everything you DON’T HAVE? bad news: you are reinforcing it!

Each day wake up and focus on the things you want, on the positive stuff that happens to you.  How? each day before going to sleep ask yourself:

What went well today?

With things that went wrong: what did I learn today and how can I be better tomorrow?

This is life changing.

What is the first thing you tell yourself when you wake up?

3. EGO

You have two options when it comes to make a decision: you choose freedom or choose fear. Ego will always lead from a place of fear because it wants to make you feel special and unique. YOU ARE, as so the rest of the world. To love yourself, you have to cultivate and practice LOVE on a daily basis. We all have an inner critique and an inner genius inside our head. The will be battling constantly, it will win the one you let into your life more often.

I will stop the post here and let you book a free consultation to connect more with you and be able to help you better. My only tip if you read till here is : all the answers you need are already inside you. You need to ask the correct questions and use tools that our mentors used in the past to unleash their true potential.



Life is about happily achieving instead of achieving to be happy.


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