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5 Tips to protect your energy levels

‘ I am knackered’. Those are the most common words I hear as a health coach from my clients. Let me ask you something: how many important things do you have to do daily? probably many. Now, how many of those things are urgent? probably all of them. Do you see my point?

You have an important job, a mission with a purpose, a dream you want to go after, you also have a social life and you want to save money for the future… I totally get it.

Staying at the top of the game simply means being wisely productive. How easy it is to recall the 80/20 rule and how easy it can be to forget about it?

As an entrepreneur and sports lover I have to say that being at the top of the game is not about achievements. It is not even about our talent or our knowledge. The most productive geniuses we know are the ones who invest first in their energy levels. In a world full of distractions, filled with emails in our inbox, notifications on our phones it’s quite easy to lose your s**t after feeling that we do a lot but results are just too slow to appear.

What do your instincts tell you about your stress levels? Here are 5 tips to stay at the top of the game while preserving your energy levels.

Read,Implement and share! Are you Up for the Challenge?

1. Rest

Sure Veva! What do you think I do on Sundays? If you are reading this article you know you need a nudge. Apply what´s below to any areas of your life (exercise routines, career, personal development) I am happy to share with you something that my mentor Robin Sharma taught me on his 5am Club, you don’t need to do them all at once, choose the ones that go better with your lifestyle:

  • Work in cycle:   instead of working longer work smarter. Robin Sharma says: ‘ Don’t work like a marathoner work like a sprinter’ . Work intensely for shorter periods of time and then take your time to recover. Why you should do this? We need time to allow our new ideas to take effect. Depletion leads to low performance. If all you are doing with your time is work you deplete your talent: take time off, travel and be a leader: do not follow the majority. Health comes first.
  • Moments of silence:  think about it: the traffic noise, the tube station, the chattering, the phones, the washing machine, the kid, the gym music, typing on your laptop, whatsapp notifications… too many stimuli and too much stress. Ideas: find complete silence for at least 30 minutes of your day and enjoy the peaceful sound of your own breathing.
  • Sleep 8 hours:  you know exactly that you don’t perform at your best when you are exhausted. The key to a great day is a super night sleep. The WORLD DOES NOT END  if you don’t send that email or answer all your notifications. Research says: do you want to cut your life short? then practice sleep deprivation. Despite what your ego my tell you: sleep properly  to avoid your cortisol levels to shoot up. Ideas: body scan meditation, take a warm shower before going to bed, drink a hot herbal infusion, take a power nap and the most important one no technology or white screens 1 hour before going to sleep!

2. Invest in your body: Nutrition & Exercise

  • Eat real food:  The quality of your fuel will impact your productivity levels. Stop saying you are too busy to cook. What is it more important than nourishing your body and replenishing your energy levels with the right nutrients? Start investing in your health TODAY. Start small and have at least two REAL MEALS a day.
  • Hydration:  your brain is water and fat. First thing to do in the mornings is having a huge pint of water. Avoid the headaches and tiredness of not drinking enough water. Set your goal in 2-3 litres per day.
  • Supplements: there are certain nutrients that our body does not produce naturally. Make sure you intake enough Vitamins and minerals to avoid sickness and fatigue symptoms. Ideas: orange juice in the mornings, vitamin tablets, add up spices to your meals like turmeric, make sure you intake enough Omega 3-6… get curious about your health!
  • Exercise daily:  combine walks (cardio) with high intensity training, weight training and stretches. Try to escape the gym and look for different ways of exercising. Ideas: go for a bike ride during the weekends, go for a nature walk, join an empowering an active community to keep you at the top of your health, buy a foam roller…
  • Massage– this is a game changer. Get one once a week and feel completely new and ready to keep moving.

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      3. Have Fun. I mean it!

      • Who are the people that bring joy into your life?  Keep them. Cultivate meaningful relationships, now rather than later. Find an empowering group of people who embrace your uniqueness and follow healthy habits. Our personality has a lot to do with those who we model around us. Protect your energy from today, You are the CEO of your life: so hire the ones who bring joy, fire the vampires who don’t understand your game and reinvent yourself to keep growing and becoming the best person you will ever meet.
      • What excites you in life?  If you are doing things to keep you in the ‘safe zone’ let me tell you something: you and I will die one day. Those things that scare you the most are the ones that will set you free. Have some fun and do something for yourself that you normally wouldn’t do. Escape the ordinary and enjoy the process! Life is not about getting things but about becoming someone you admire and respect. Stop looking at others and thinking “Oh, how I wish I could do the same”. YOU CAN. It is a matter of choice and courage.
      • What places make you feel happy?  Travel the world and stop saving money for a better future. In the end we spend our lives working to get wealth, sacrificing our health in order to get ‘stability’. You have to disconnect to connect, connect with different cultures, with nature, with your soul. I encourage you to spend your wealth in health: LIVE A PURPOSEFUL AND VIBRANT LIFE.

      4. Invest in your Personal development.

      My friend and mentor Rod Hairston says: you either Grow or Die. These words have impacted me deeply since when I first heard them. If you deconstruct the phrase, you realize how it is so true. You never stop growing: you aren’t the same person as yesterday, you are in constant growth. The question here is: do you grow intentionally? Do you make your own choices? Are you leading your life with fear or freedom? Find time to read books or go on a trip with people who will share with you new tools to create the person you always wanted to be. Do not let modern conventionalism dictate how you should look, what you should do or how you should act in order to ‘FIT’. Bring the creative genius out and start expanding your personality with intention. Do you want to be more confident?

      Then work inside-out!

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      5. Journal your wins

      Fight your brain negativity bias by writing down what 3 things went great in your day? Set your brain for success. It could be that amazing coffee you had in the morning, the smile of your colleagues when you told them that joke…focus on things that went well rather not on the things that you could have done better. 

      Knowledge without action will not make you grow. If you don’t choose consciously who you want to be, then you are letting others to decide for you.

      Thanks for your time and share it with your friends and colleagues! Stay tune Freedom seekers!


      Have a Blast.