Life coaching

I became a Coach once I understood that happiness is not a place or an achievement or being successful. I will die one day and you too. That day we will be all the same, no matter how much money we have or how successful we were. All it matters is your identity and the impact  we have on others. Your legacy should be love rather than fear. Your legacy is not an empire or a bank account. Whatever story you have been telling yourself, it won’t matter.

This is why is time to invest in yourself. Time to grow with intention and time to live a purposeful and vibrant life. Time to stop being angry at small things and time to gain time. When you invest in your health you are investing in living longer in being stronger. Money can’t buy time. Stress and business can rest years to your life.

I was a prisoner of my own thoughts of my own fear. I was leading with fear and allowing my achievements to define my self-worth. As a Coach I keep reading and learning every single day with all the books, experiences and people in my life. I want to use that energy and practice to help you out and find freedom and love in a world full of it. We focus on what we want rather than what we don’t.

All my coaching programs are based on your own experience and needs. How it works?

Step 1: Just start. If you are checking this website about coaching and personal growth is because you want the tools to make a change and live with purpose and love. Share your story and thoughts with me.

Step 2: Once I hear you out we schedule a 15-20 minutes video call and get to know each other a bit more. We will then see together how coaching will be the best tool for you to move forward and grow intentionally. You can start over from Step 2 if you prefer to. This is your way, your rules. Book a call.

Step 3: Once we got to know each other a bit more, I will inform you of the areas I work at and the prices via email. You can see below three packages and have a better understanding of the structure and quotes of coaching with me. Ask me any questions please.

Step 4: I will contact you to speak about the duration of the program I will design for you and how many sessions I advise you to have. This is your time and your decision to make if we both agree we want to work with each other. How does this sound?

Areas of growth and programs

What does Healthset stand for?

Physical activity & nutrition & habits

To whom?

I get you. You love food and have little time to cook or even go to the gym. You have tried so many diets and you are unable to stick with them for longer than 1-2 weeks.

Briefly, this is what we will be looking at to set the foundation:

  • Working on our habits and patterns to achieve a healthier lifestyle
  • Includes physical exercise program online
  • Includes intuitive eating and how to break the cycle of dieting/bounce effect
  • All programs will be different depending on your starting point
  • Sessions are conducted online at least once a week- we will decide the more convenient way to both.
  • Price will be 55 pounds per session -usually 60 minutes long.
  • You have special prices when getting a pack of sessions together.

What does Mindset & Heartset stand for?

Thoughts & Emotions & Behaviour

To whom?

Do you feel like the way people describe you does not match with the way you think you are? Sometimes we just need new tools to raise our awareness and get perspective. This can help you in any areas of your life including your career. Learn new communication skills to enhance your life and your relationship with others.

  • Understanding yourself: what’s your identity?
  • Self-Awareness is key, yes. What about taking action?
  • Getting perspective: it is not only about you. What’s the impact you have on others?
  • How to handle your emotions and discipline your imagination.
  • The importance of Role Modelling and the environment.
  • Sessions are conducted online at least once a week- we will decide the more convenient way to both.
  • Price will be 250 pounds/4 sessions- from 60-75 minutes long.

What does Soulset stand for?

Mindfulness & Calmness

To whom?

Are you busy being busy? If you are unable to stay quiet and keep yourself always busy then this is your program. To quiet the mind is not easy as we are constantly thinking. However there are times in which this noise can take over our lives, our sleep and even affect our relationship with ourselves and others.

  • Using breathing techniques to focus and quiet our minds. Introduction to meditation.
  • What relationship do you have with yourself? And with others?
  • Avoiding feelings and thoughts: find psychological freedom.
  • Reprogrogram your mind & soul to lead from a place of love and value.
  • How Ego can beat us up.
  • Sessions are conducted online at least once a week- we will decide the more convenient way to both.
  • Price will be 300 pounds/4 sessions- from 60-80 minutes long.

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Free session

20 minutes call via WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom


I certified as a Coach with Growth-u, an american company lead by Rod Hairston, who was head trainer coach for Tony Robbins and has helped thousands of people around the world. Please check out their website, they have great products for those who prefer a program automated instead of one-to-one.

You can combine both methods, they have a free daily conditioning program, ask me anything you want about it or check it out here, it’s free!

There are different ways and tools towards your growth. The most important thing is that you are here with us, ready to make a positive change to be the best person you ever met. Let’s empower each other!