Personal training




  • You will need:

    – Gym membership
    – Knowing how to read a workout sheet
    – Committing yourself to exercise 3-5 days a week
    – Access to internet and Google drive

  • You will receive:

    – Online customised programme
    – Weekly routines to meet your goals (your health, first)
    – Nutritional guidelines (reviewed monthly)
    – Weekly check-ins ( you will have to send weekly info on your weight, %Fat and BMI)
    – Email support

  • A bit more about this course:

    I mean, You. Are. Almost. There! You have ve signed up for the gym and now you have got yourself hopping around hungry for exercise. But you realize, “Oh my God, wait! What exactly am I suppose to do now?”

    If you are asking yourself that same question then this program is for you.

    Hear us out: Offering a weekly personal training and an up-to-date follow up plan to ensure your best results, VE-FUN will guide you through fitness and fit nutrition you need by respecting core values such as online availability, flexibility of schedule and pre-tty accessible price.

    This is the program you want to put your needle pointing North.


  • Say yes to:

    – Your own personal training scheduled for when and where (within London) is convenient to you
    – Train at the park, at your roomy living room, at your yard and even at your workplace
    – One-to-one personal training sessions
    – Group sessions available with friends or colleagues (minimum 4 people)

  • A bit more about this course:

    Fed up of signing up for the gym and dropping out after a few weeks? I know, I know, this time work gets in the way.

    You have a very busy life and when you finish working you just feel like having a glass of wine and sinking in the couch!


  • This programme aims at changing your lifestyle and for that I will need the most important thing you could offer to anyone: time and commitment.

    We are talking about making a change in your behaviour towards a healthier lifestyle. Consistency is key.

    Discipline and patience a gift. We will do it. Together.

  • You will receive:

    – One-to-one customised workout programme
    – Weekly routines to meet your goals (fat loss/muscle gain)
    – Food plan (reviewed monthly)
    – Weekly check-ins and goal tracking
    – Email, whatsapp support*
    – Facebook community
    – Motivation tips

  • A bit more about this course:

    If you are already a physically active person (moderate or highly) but you are struggling to get the results you want and losing that burning motivation, we help you get back on track.

    All you need is this simple and effective formula: suitable food plan+ongoing training+proper sleep + Veva chasing you! = desired results.

*Monday-Friday 7-8h Saturday and Sunday 9-6h
** Prices may vary if travelling time surpasses 30 minutes.