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Welcome Freedom seeker to the Book Club & Resources. I will be adding in here the links to my favorite books & articles. You also have a contact form to ask me any questions! We also have a private group in WIX where you can access to all members of VeCoach, share your insights, recommend books, interact and read free content to keep your mind FOCUS. This is an alternative to SOCIAL MEDIA if you want to try something less distracting and oriented to your growth.


Changing habits

Short, fun and my favourite book so far in the subject of “changing old habits”. This book is for those who want to get deeper into their patterns of behaviour and what can we do about it. The author is my mentor, Rod Hairston, the creator of our online most famous programme Transform-U: 45 days to successful habits.

You will read this book more than once. It’s such a great GIFT to your friends & family. 


The all-time Masterpiece on unlocking your full potential. Napoleón Hill gives us the key to work with our mind rather than against it. A book to read slowly and discover new opportunities to grow our business and attain our desires. You won’t be the same after this book. When I first read it I thought…omg…this was written in 1937? He was doubtlessly a visionary.

Enjoy it, gift it and re-read it if you already have it on your shelf.

Enneagram & Personality

This book opened me and my clients a whole new world of possibilities. My sister was the first person who introduce me to this great self-awareness tool. It is a thick book to be read by those who truly want to discover their more profound motivations and fears. If you are open minded to undo your ego and are looking to connect more with your inner wisdom, you will love this book.

I will use it as a personal manual for guidance more than gifting it to people; if you want a book to be gifted in this subject contact me on the form below.