“The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away”

-Pablo Picasso

What's a Self-Retreat?

A Self-Retreat is a significant day you spend by yourself. It is the oppose to a group retreat and is designed to clear your mind from repetitive thoughts, emotional roller-coasters and stress.

Find your Gift

This Self-Retreat will help you To…

  • Pause and Clear your mind
  • Get perspective when feeling lost
  • Connect with your intuition
  • Organise your thoughts
  • Let go of stuck emotions
  • Have a good time and enjoy the NOW
  • Learn tools in a dynamic and simple way
  • Embrace uncertainty



Need a hand? let's explore this together...

How and Why will this experience enhance my life or others?

  • HOW
  • by offering you a full action plan to gain clarity
  • by active listening to your needs and desires and customising the Self-Retreat to walk you through them
  • by stimulating your curiosity and opening new ways of thinking, feeling and doing things
  • WHY
  • because you finally want to attend your needs and wants
  • because you deserve a break and time for yourself
  • because you want to think things through but never have time to organise your thoughts
  • because you want to try out something new and fun that also helps you to be better

It’s time to ask for a little NUDGE to give you some extra rest & motivation

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Give it Away

This isn’t for you?  This will be a THOUGHTFUL & LOVING GIFT!


  • Because you are contributing to their wellbeing in a respectful way: by gifting experiences you are leaving an unforgettable love print in someone else’s life
  • Because you are serving your purpose: adding value and bringing a spark of joy in others lives!
  • Because is fun, save, contributes to their growth and IS super original!
  • Because what’s more powerful than gifting something FULLY designed to help your beloved ones to get closer to their dreams

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Part 1: getting to the core issue

Just like when you are in pain for while, ignoring it and wishing it will get better,  when you are emotionally and mentally aching you have first to realise that you need to go to an specialist. 

Before you get into your Self-Retreat we need to know more about who you are, what problems are you facing right now and how we can assist you effectively and efficiently. 

In this initial phase we are exploring, observing and getting curious about the roadblocks, barriers and obstacles that are getting in your way. 


You can choose to do an individual programme or do one-to-one coaching via zoom/skype with Veva. 

We recommend you to book a call and get a piece of insight here. 


Part 2: one Day Full Retreat

Not everyone knows what a Retreat is. A Retreat is usually a group event in a house where you all gather together with a Coach, Guide, Expert to help you grow and expand your identity. 

However, we also know from our community that they also need time ALONE and space to gain clarity, organise their thoughts and live in the moment. 

A Self-Retreat is a one day plan of coaching activities that will help you expand your identity around your mindset, career, relationships, health… whatever category of life you need to put more energy into to balance up your life. 

We will hand out a Daily agenda in an amazing and interactive format (all online) to guide you through your Self-Retreat. Imagine that you sign up with us to connect with your own needs and learn to be comfortable on your own (you may get bored when you aren’t with people around or you get anxious if you are alone)

Some activities could include:

Have a nice walk around this area and practice NOTING mindfulness. (mindset)

Stop by a café and get a free coffee to the person behind you. (gratitude)

Watch the sunset in this place and set your intention for the week. (focus)

Isn’t Fun? a day full of surprises that align with your true needs and desires. Just made for you! 

Just being here thinking about this makes you BRAVE!


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Prices & Quote


View Full Package

  • Value £ 690
  • 8 weeks programme
  • 7 weekly online coaching sessions one to one
  • 1 Full Day Self-Retreat 
  • This is for you if:
  • You are burnout. It seems you don’t know who you are anymore.
  • You want to set new priorities in life.
  • You want guidance from someone out of your social circle who helps you to gain insight.
  • You are facing difficulties such us : broken up, divorce, changing jobs, more responsibilities, dealing with stress…
  • You have been putting off yourself on hold for too long and want to claim that power back.
  • How does it work?
  • You will arrange one weekly session with Veva
  • After 7 weeks, you will agree a day, budget and place for your Self-Retreat.
  • This programme includes a surprise activity on the house.

View Flexi Package

  • Value £ 450
  • Online Coaching Programme to regain balance
  • One to one Online session x 2
  • 1 Full Day Self-Retreat
  • This is for you if:
  • You want one to one support from your coach and express what you are going through.
  • You feel on track in certain areas of your life and OFF track in others (example, you have a great job and it’s absorbing your full life)
  • You are fed up. No more words needed.
  • You are committed and consistent with almost everything you do, except when it comes to your own needs and desires.
  • How does it work? 
  • Have an initial coaching sessions with Veva
  • Start your Online Coaching Programme
  • One to one Online Coaching session
  • Give us a budget. Pick a city and day.
  • 1 Day Full Self-Retreat
  • Your Retreat will include indoors activities, home, parks, restaurantes, outdoors etc. and it will depend on the issue we are addressing.

View Pay as you Retreat

  • Value £ 250
  • Online Coaching Programme specifically for one area (example career, relationships, mindset, health…)
  • 1 Full Day Self-Retreat
  • This programme is fully Online. 
  • This is for you if:
  • You just need to relax and take one day off AND you don’t want to think about what to plan. 
  • You love surprises and you want to get out of your comfort zone.
  • You want to try out new things and align them with what you want in life. 
  • How does it work?
  • Complete the Online Coaching Programme to set the foundation and direction of your growth journey. 
  • Give us a budget. Pick a city and day. 
  • Take into account that the coaching tasks could be performed at home, parks, indoors, restaurants etc…
  • The ultimate outcome is to connect with yourself, live in the present moment and gain clarity. 

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