We keep it real!

"Shed your mask, own your power"- Growth-u

The video below shows in a natural way how my participants felt when working with me. As you will realize, I kept the original videos that my clients sent across; no marketing editing, no final touch. The reason we did this is to keep things real around so you can truly feel their words and capture the essence of this freedom seeker’s community: fresh, real & vulnerable.

My experience at VeCoach has been crucial yet necessary. Veva has helped me build back my will power in order to bring back my routines and set up new goals. Now I am ready to fly alone again and achieve new objectives I would never imagine. Thank you Veva.


Is complicated to summarize in a few lines everything I have shared and learned with Veva.

She means professionalism, creativity, enthusiasm, motivation and overall LOVE and PASSION for what she does and this is contagious to everyone around her.

Thanks for being like this and share it with all of us. Huge kiss from Sierra Nevada, Granada.


Veva is a Volcano of energyI truly felt every session with her. It left me stronger and empowered. Veva gave me everything she could during our VeCoach program: she designed a tailored healthy diet for me, created a support network of VeCoach clients and gave me one-to-one sessions weekly! Thanks to her knowledge and determination I was able to achieve my goals, became fitter and started a new healthy lifestyle for body and mind. She exceeded my expectations!