The VE way17 de April, 2017

Welcome to our Blogspace. I´m Pedro and be updating our Blog with blogposts (obviously) new and experiences.

My take on this is make it interactive so please feel free to post a comment below! Don´t be shy: I even risk it in saying IT IS AN ORDER!

For now, I hope you enjoy our first post inspired in a short (short, short) story of me vicariously telling you the experience of someone who has tried the awesomeness of Ve-Coach.

Hello fellow sofa-lovers!


Wouldn’t it just be great if one could drop by the gym , after a day´s work, lead off home and cook something witty and healthy (instead of ordering an oily take away) and then just fall comfortably in bed with a nice sense of filled satisfaction? Yes.

But all that felt sooo far away from me at the time.


Life in London is f***ing stressing.

I work in the City, every day I get the tube to get there, and there are times I catch myself off-guard, 8 in the morning, wanting to run over these poor beloved people just because they won’t walk fast enough!

I mean, it’s 8 in the morning, just took a bath and feel all freshy, I shouldn’t be thought-sinning like this! Plus it’s bad for me.

I don’t want to have white hair growing out my head, I’m still young!


Anyway, they said that sports is half-way to get you chilled. It’s an opportunity to get relieved, explode out in positive ways and get me nervous channels unblocked and flowing freely.

And it’s true, I´ve tried it. I’m a sportsman, I know its benefits and how good you feel after a right session of training.

You feel pumped up, your motivation is geared back up again, you feel like eating salad and chicken to maintain that muscular stance in place and spend like half an hour in front of the mirror observing parts of your body that were hidden in for so long!


But (and I know you were waiting for the but) it’s not that easy. London doesn’t make it easy.

It’s not that the will is not there, it’s just… you have a super cool plane but you’re missing a co- pilot.

And you can’t be bothered to fly it by yourself: it ain’t always fun.

So I end up coming home, ordering a take-away ´cause I’m too bloody tired to cook and have no ideas, sit and watch Netflix while I quietly snooze away to hey-oh- Merryland.


And here is where I introduce that what has worked for me, ready? Ve-coach, the co-pilot I was unconsciously calling for!

A fitness and motivational coach, Veva is worth the pay.

I set up a programme and its being great.

She does house-attendance, so I don’t have to worry about crossing the City to get in shape. Even when I’m in the mood for a session in the park it is there where we go, I don’t have to think about making up my own exercise ´cause honestly her’s are much more fun.

We meet every once in awhile and in between I´m following the plan and training on my own.

Even when she´s not there I don’t feel the urge to slack, I have a schedule to follow, and it's flexible, and honestly I wasn’t looking for a baby-sitter but a companion to get me boosting large.

It’s interactive and it’s a project that takes me in, releases the mind from stress. I don’t feel it’s something that I have to do, that hour/hour and a half that I must complete in order to get in shape.

No, other things start gaining texture than just solving the problem of my body sculpture. You get more active, self-initiative and of course, as a consequence, creative. You build a bridge between mind and body. But I ain’t here to draft up a shopping list of great adjectives to describe Ve-coach.

So, to finish, and to share my final thoughts on this present experience, just liked to put it out there that I’m really enjoying being part of a project, part of an on-growing community of fun fitness, targeted objectives and definitely stress reliever; and am really happy that I have started to feel the difference almost straight away!

Please say hi to me at 8 in the morning down in the tube and I will not beat you off.