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The VE way31 de January, 2017

Welcome everybody!

We are very new at wordpress and we are working hard to get this site up and running as soon as possible . You are probably still wondering, who are these people? You are absolutely right! In due time you may find a nice clean summary on who we are, what we do and… Well, I think that is enough for now, “easy does it” my friends, let’s not spoil the surprise 😉

My name is Veva. I arrived in London four years ago to study English. Why? well, my mum is an English teacher where I used to live, Spain, and we even have British family so she had been insisting a lot…and one day I just gave up and accepted. They are always right, anyway! Nevertheless, the idea of having to settle down in a new country, learn the language, meet new friends and not to mention the weather :{  Spending all my wages on coats, blankets, scarves and all that cosy  stuff that make your sweet face look like a giant balloon  was not attractive at all.


I fell in love with London. First sight! (the warmest love I ever had, indeed) – Dear boyfriend, if you read this do not take it personally, I love you too (its all about taking and giving!).

My story is long, so in order to respect the idiom ‘easy does it’ , I will go straight to the point.

Ve-coach has been created to help people achieve their fitness and personal. To create a fun fitness community. It is one of our main goals, to have fun. We want to make you laugh, boost your creativity and work on the link between Mind & Body.

How? Let us  do the job.

But first, please be patient, we will be here soon :p

Thanks for reading.