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My name is Veva

I’m a professional marketer and a dedicated coach. Fitness has been something vital throughout my life and during my youth there was a lot of soul searching I had to do to figure out what to do in life. Do you relate to this? It was not until I started working in Marketing and sales, once I finished my Master degree, when I quickly pinpointed what it was I wanted to give the world : PERSPECTIVE.

I came to London to reinvent my self. To gain perspective of the things that really matter in life: to become the best person I have ever met so I can inspire others to do the same! This amazing city got me out of my comfort zone and activated me to pursue what once looked a futile dream: my own vision of Coaching, Fun and Travelling: VeCoach.


Croatia: Fitness & Mindset Retreat

The way we look is not all. In order to achieve long lasting results we have to train our minds and set them for success. Coaching will offer you the tools to stop looking outside for the answers you already know. Let me say this in a different way: coaching is the tool to feel strong and confident. We empower each other to live in the present, to have fun while working on our bodies and grow intentionally. The main benefit of this program is that you will still use this coaching method to implement it on your daily routines. Learn how to boost your energy levels as well as feel more confident. Time to invest in yourself.

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Life coaching

You wake up at 6 a.m. and go to work. Stop here: how do you feel about this?

In a world full of stress and noise in which we wake up and we rush to the office to attend the demands of others is easy not to be focused on negative events. Life Coaching works on 4 categories of life: mindset, career, relationships and health. We help you to gain perspective, unstuck yourself and balance up your energy. This programs are for those who want to choose by themselves Who they want to be. When was  it the last time that you review your beliefs systems? What are your core values? Do you know where do you see yourself in 3 years? If you DO NOT decide this consciously your unconscious mind will do that for you. Time to happily achieve and not achieve to be happy.



Mindset & Heartset




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