Coaching Programmes

Fitness Coaching

One to one personal training & nutrition 

  • Hire your own online PT and connect via zoom. The value you receive: 
  • Customized workouts and nutritional guidelines to meet your goals. 
  • From 35 pounds/session

Group fitness live classes-drop in

  • If you want to have fun and be part of a community, join our live Zoom classes.
  • Pump, Combat, HIIT, Dancing, Tone & Core, Balance.
  • Join today #FreeYourBody and enjoy 1-week on the house

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Life Coaching

Learn tools to build a better life

  • Understanding yourself: who are you and who do you want to be?
  • Self-Awareness is key, yes. What about taking action?
  • Getting perspective: it is not only about you. What’s the impact you have on others?
  • Create new habits that support your goals in life.
  • The importance of Role Modelling and your belief system.
  • Online sessions & daily conditioning.
  • 60 days programme
  • Value: 320 pounds/ monthly*
  • *Prices may vary upon your needs.

One to one consultation- drop in sessions

  • If you need guidance in a specific topic and you just want some guidance and expertise book a session with me.
  • Before you purchase any of my services we will conduct an interview of 30 minutes to ensure this is a win-win. 

Drop me an email

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Mindfulness: Free Your Mind

Access tools to discipline your mind

  • Learn to handle your emotions.
  • Training your focus
  • Overcoming anxiety and stress
  • Get to know how your mind works
  • Get to know your self: intro to the enneagram
  • Boost your productivity & energy levels
  • Feel calmer
  • Weekly group workshops via Zoom.

Mindfulness: Free Your Emotions

  • The origin of our decisions: fear or freedom. 
  • Primary emotions are the body first response.
  • The most common ones are fear, happiness, sadness and anger.
  • Secondary emotions are much more complex.
  • They refer to feelings and thoughts about a primary emotion.
  • Allocating our emotions in our body.

Drop me an email

Congrats! your first step towards a free mind. I will get back to you as soon as I read your email. Thanks!

Free one to one session

20 minutes call via WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom

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I certified as a Coach with Growth-u, an american company lead by Rod Hairston, who was head trainer coach for Tony Robbins and has helped thousands of people around the world. Please check out their website, they have great products for those who prefer a program automated instead of one-to-one.

You can combine both methods, they have a free daily conditioning program, ask me anything you want about it or check it out here, it’s free!

There are different ways and tools towards your growth. The most important thing is that you are here with us, ready to make a positive change to be the best person you ever met. Let’s empower each other!