The VE way3 de January, 2018

A very Happy New Year to all our veoples.

Day 1 of Jan 2018 I was restlessly going around my bed thinking what could be coming in the next 12 months: challenges, dramas, successes, happiness or sadness. I felt a nudge in my stomach.

Truth is what is there to expect? everything. I know, this is as much as saying “expect nothing”. Why do I say this? Because it’s impossible to predict the future. What we need is to fight everyday, be a little bit happier everyday, stopping for a moment and believing we will obtain a better Us. Just rejoice at that fantastic image…

Continual progress and evolution and preparation. Those are keys. After that, come whatever day 1 of whichever year and we say “Bring it on baby”


Have one hell of a Year people 🙂

Ve-Coach, Have a blast!