“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts”-Buddha




28th of February to the 6th of March of 2021.

The date is not a coincidence. WHY? You will experience the transition between Winter-Spring. Winter is represented by Water energy. It is a powerful moment to shift our Energy and find greater balance. We will welcome the new by decluttering our head, going with the flow and spending time in nature. Practicing Mindfulness during the changing seasons helps your body to acclimatize and set a powerful intention by being aware of what’s happening around us.

Surfing your brain waves

What does this mean?

Surfing your brain waves is a simplistic analogy in which the waves represent your thoughts and emotions.

This retreat will help access coaching tools, allowing you to surf the waves rather than crashing into them or being carried out by the tide.




Our busy lives challenge us to pay attention to our mental and physical health. Imagine the ocean waves as if they were your thoughts and emotions.

The idea of this retreat was born in one of my coaching sessions when for the 3rd time my client said: I want to learn how to control my emotions and thoughts.

The truth is you cannot control them. The waves of procrastination, overthinking and cravings are the byproduct of habits. As you learn to surf the ocean’s waves, mindfulness will help you surf the waves of your emotions and thoughts.



I am curious, is this for ME?

This Retreat will benefit those who believe is time to invest in Freedom. This revolutionary approach could help those...

WHO feel lost in life wandering from project to project looking for fulfillment and happiness.

WHO struggle coping with thoughts and emotions : living in the past or always awaiting for the future.

WHO want time off for themselves and are curious about living mindfully.

WHO escape from reality because they have stressful jobs.

WHO want to be healthier but stress is synonym of food.

WHO are ready to overcome fears & mental barriers.

The Foundation of this Retreat: WHY

If you love life, life will love you back

Love grows inside-out and the circle is fully completed when we give it to the world without expectations. However, I didn’t know this when I was young. I spent 13 years of my life feeling worthless and a complete fraud. I was wearing a heavy mask of fake happiness that eventually triggered an eating disorder.

I made a choice and transformed my deepest shame into my biggest motivation:

I decided to take responsibility for my life, my feelings and my thoughts. We have the power of choice, I am not a winner, nor a loser.


Your Home, Our Home: WHERE

Villa La Pared

  • Large swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi with outdoor shower
  • Outdoor kitchen with pizza-stone oven
  • Large garden with native plants
  • Terraces, sitting areas, yoga podium with sea view

Our villa was built in the late 1980s by Fritz Junkermann, the architect and developer of La Pared. The 1000 square meters of land gently blends into the original landscape. A natural stone wall offers privacy and protection against strong winds.

Programme & value: WHAT is included.

  • We bring the leading edge of brain science to the table-literally. You will receive a simple guide to everyday food and lifestyle choices that will maximize your brain health ( not to mention the rest of your body).
  • Mindful eating– improve your mood, ride your cravings and balance your hormones.
  • Cooking groups ( all meals will be homemade and cook by us with local ingredients).
  • All healthy eating requirements accepted upon request.

  • Full day visiting the landscapes of Fuerteventura
  • Meditation walks

My personal mission is to learn & educate others in the increasingly concerning issues of mental & physical health. This is why I have designed a 2 weeks coaching programme that compiles the most masterful summary of coaching tools to mind, body and soul. This programme includes:

  • Exercise plan to boost your energy levels- based on short workouts (can be done at home)
  • Mindfulness daily practice- aiming at raising your awareness and building the foundation
  • Gratitude & compassionate meditation
  • Weekly call for the group attending the Retreat- we bond up and get to know each other
  • One-to-one session a week to hold accountability and ensure you are well equipped for Fuerteventura!

Surfing Villa La Pared

Upon arrival, we will offer transport to/from the Villa. It is important to arrange flights around the same time as transports may be limited.

We all move as a group, so please note that we will book taxis at specific time. This is why is  important that before booking your flights you check your options with Veva- flights are very cheap now!

Otherwise you can arrange your own transport to/from the Villa if you prefer to have more freedom when booking your flights- please contact me for more info.

Do you want to see HOW it feels travelling with us?

Nice to meet you! I am your Coach

If you are reading this, thank you. Thanks for investing your time in my project, our project now. I am Veva and I invest my time in helping others seeking freedom. My passion, intuition and energy are my legacy to this world and I will be honored to share my tools and knowledge with you. A better life, full of love and focus on expanding our identity. This is not a service you purchase: this is an investment in your growth. This is the Master of your LIFE.

Join us in creating a story worth telling!

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WHAT you invest


Share your story and why you want to travel with us!

Deposit £500 to reserve

Fuerteventura Retreat: 28th of February to the 6th of March.

    • 4 people
    • Large apartment arched in a semicircle
    • Living room with TV and sea view, kitchen, bedroom with dressing room
    • Terrace with sea view and outdoor fireplace
    • Guest bathroom, large bathroom with shower and bathtub

    The large apartment in the main building is laid out in a semicircle. Through small glass slits between wall and ceiling, you can watch the sun’s way during the day.
    She wanders from the large bathroom with access to the outdoor shower, over to the bedroom with dressing room, on to the living room with open kitchen until it sets in the west over the sea.
    On the terrace is an outdoor fireplace.

    • 1 to 2 persons
    • round studio directly at the swimming pool and sauna
    • small kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet

    One floor below the main building is the bright cozy studio right by the pool. Mediteran furnishings, the round bedroom and living room takes up the semicircular shape of the main building. Located by the pool and next to the sauna, this studio invites you to relax, swim and sunbathe.
    The generous pergula provides shade and in the comfortable lounge chairs you can read and dream.

    • 3 people
    • Bungalow with sea view right by the pool
    • Bathroom with sea view and shower and toilet
    • rustic outdoor kitchen

    The newly built Sea View bungalow is located directly across from the large swimming pool and sauna adjacent to the rustic outdoor kitchen and yoga pedestal.

    From the bedroom there are only a few steps to the pool. In the bedroom and bathroom you have a great view of the Atlantic Ocean and the setting sun.

    In front of the bungalow there is a cozy sitting area.